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Medical Reviews

A doctor talks about NicoNot…

Most men and women that come to me for a relief from smoking are usually desperate and have failed to get a control over their smoking habit. I usually recommended various alternative products like nicotine patches and pills, etc. The results were usually slow and not positive. This is when a colleague of mine recommended the use of NicoNot. He had recommended it to his patients and had got positive results. I prescribed it to a patient and got positive results too and then started promoting the product. I proudly state that this product helped my patients to adjust to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Dr. Mark Contile, Cape Town, South Africa

A herbalist writes…

Herbal solutions are very effective against many illnesses. They do not cause any adverse effects. Such versatile herbs are perfectly utilized in NicoNot. These herbs create physiological changes in the body that help to quit smoking. They naturally relieve a person from the side-effects of smoking like cough and sore throat. Best Luck guys!

- Chris Smith, Tasmania, Australia

A doctor shares her observation…

I came to know about NicoNot from one of my patients. He did not experience the withdrawal symptoms after he started these pills. I believe NicoNot’s permanent effects further avoided the relapse. I have started recommending NicoNot to my other patients who have successfully quit smoking. NicoNot has become my only prescription for people who intend to quit cigarettes.
- Dr. Wakahisa, Tokyo, Japan

Customer Testimonials

"... I had a very strong addiction to smoking and several attempts to kick the habit remained futile. My family doctor recommended several alternatives but everything remained futile. I am a father of two and the need for quitting was mounting everyday. I was advised by a doctor at a de-addiction center to take NicoNot. I am glad that I listened to him and am firmly back on the path to recovery..."
- Tomlinson, 42, CA, USA

"I am happy to declare that this product has helped me get rid of my smoking addiction…"

- Paul, 29, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"I was born into a family of chain-smokers and I have been smoking for the past thirty years or so. It was only after I attended a counseling session that I decided to quit smoking entirely. I then tried my best to get rid of the habit for two years and met with no success at all. I am completely in debt to my friend for recommending this product to me and I say with confidence that after taking this pill I am fully able to fight my smoking urges and I am currently on the path to recovery."
- Fuser, 52, Germany

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